Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The New "Sins" of My Generation

Do remember the age of religious indulgences? Unless you're more than 500 years old, I would doubt it, but then again I don't want to be chided by relativists who say I can't judge anything. It was during this time that the Catholic Church was busy giving people pieces of paper that would temporarily dissolve you of sin, for a fee of course. As for the modern age, religious organizations have been ridiculed and rightly so. From selling "miracle water" to tacky "praise workout videos," Christianity is getting chastised, and most religious thinking is on its way out. Modern progressive society obviously has no need for sin. Or does it? Are there groups that, like religious archaic institutions, craft their own idea of what it means to sin? What are the new sins of my generation?

To be perfectly honest they are too numerable to count. These include political and philosophical sins like conservatism, capitalism, American exceptionalism, constitutionalism, rugged individualism, libertarianism, federalism, nationalism, and rationalism. Along with groups that support men's rights, equity feminism, and ironically even religious groups specifically those promoting concepts of sin, are found to be sinful in the new age of progressive relativism. These groups only sin seems to be the sin of speaking their mind and they all must pay the price.

What is the price? If the sin was minor, an anonymous twitter account or blogger will make note of your actions and likely whine or complain about how they care and of course you don't. If the sin was major, like Christina Hoff Sommers (author of "Who Stole Feminism?") giving a college lecture about your theories regarding equity feminism, you will get bad press and protested. Maybe a paddling? (Probably not but I can dream.)

As for the people who determine what is or is not a sin, it usually boils down to two factors. (1) Have you or have you ever been associated with anyone that does not care (see group listed above), (2) do you care as much as we do? By care progressive groups imply tolerance, while acting completely intolerant to those who they find have the most sins. How do I make this claim? Easily, I use a keyboard, silly.

A clear example of this can be found on our college campuses, where progressives would rather have superficial diversity rather than diversity of ideas. In a New Haven Register column, Jay Bergman (professor of history at CCSU) emphasizes that, "college faculties across America are overwhelmingly liberal, and their political contributions show this vividly. In 2012 96 percent of donations from Ivy League faculty went to President Obama, the remaining 4 percent to Governor Romney." In turn we find many students unable to critically analyze their own political (and social) behaviors and beliefs, and they are only being educated by those who merely reinforce liberal political theories and behaviors.

Still don't believe me? Walk into the nearest college political science classroom and ask, "What do you mean by diversity? Or how about why is America a great country?" Wait, please don't do that because I would be an accomplice to your political sin of asking too many questions that should never be answered.

Right now you are probably asking yourself, how do I resolve myself of the sins of not caring enough about women's issues, affirmative action, or global warming (climate change)? Well sinner, you either stay a sinner, or you bow down to the mighty progressive alter that is created by those who care. You start to care as much as they do. Which in most cases does not take a lot of effort. You could join an group that tweets nothing but pictures of Disney princesses gender bending to show that you care about women's portrayal in the media. How about buying a "black lives matter" shirt? You won't have to even bother going into a black neighborhood to show you care. Or how about participating in the 2015 Earth Day Concert where people cared enough to make sure most garbage cans overflowed with non-biodegradable plastics and trash?

In the modern age the indulgences of religion never truly died. It was taken by progressives, who in many cases only care to discredit those who they find disagreeable, problematic, or offensive. In a way, I wish my political sins were religious. Its easier to pray for forgiveness than get preyed upon by those who care.

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